A New Smile Was the Best Investment of My Life

A New Smile Was the Best Investment of My Life

Understanding Diabetes, Oral Health Problems, And Your Dental Professional

Oscar Allen

If you are diabetic, then you know that it is extremely important to keep your blood sugar under control. This is essential for the health of almost every body system. Even when you are managing your condition quite well, you should know that there are a number of oral health issues that can develop. Keep reading to learn a bit about them and to find out what your dentist can do for you if you have diabetes.

Diabetes And Common Oral Health Problems

If you have diabetes, then there are a number of oral health issues that you may notice. The most common is gingivitis due to the elevated levels of glucose in both your blood and your saliva. If you eat sweets, than this can contribute to the issue and you may actually start to develop some cavities as well.

General inflammation of the gums and mild bleeding of the tissues is something you might see too. This is due to the way that diabetes can cause tissues and blood vessel deterioration. Inflammation is also common as the immune system reacts to the high levels of sugar in your blood and attacks the glucose.

Sometimes diabetics can experience dry mouth and this may be caused by inflammation around and within the salivary glands that prevent fluid from releasing from them at a normal volume level. And, if dry mouth is persistent or chronic, then sores and ulcers can form in the mouth too.

What Will A Dentist Do?

Your dentist will ask you to make arrangements for regular cleanings at least once every six months. And, if signs of gum disease or general infection are starting to develop, then you may need to have a deep cleaning performed. This type of cleaning helps to remove the bacteria and other debris residing in the open gum flaps that sit close to the teeth.

Signs of infection may also mean that an antibacterial rinse should be used for a short period of time, or low dose antibiotics may be provided instead.

In addition to these treatments, your dentist will keep a close eye on the health of your jaw bone. Bone loss is a common issue for individuals with diabetes and the problem can even lead to lost teeth. Necrosis of the bone is something that can happen as well with diabetics due to the increased infection risks. So you can expect to have x-rays completed on a somewhat regular basis.

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A New Smile Was the Best Investment of My Life

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