A New Smile Was the Best Investment of My Life

A New Smile Was the Best Investment of My Life

Why You Should Consider Single Tooth Implants

Oscar Allen

For patients missing or soon to be losing a tooth, the single dental implant procedure is the perfect method. When replacing the lost tooth, there are several choices to consider, but tooth implants are a durable, worry-free approach. Dental implants made up of a tiny screw and a custom crown are perfect to replace single teeth without impairing the health of the mouth or negatively impacting the surrounding teeth.

Healthier and Easier

Single tooth implants can have more advantages than traditional tooth replacements. Present implant technology and procedures can make it possible for most patients with single-tooth implants to have an implant and a temporary crown on the same day. This makes the treatment streamlined and, effectively leaving a much better tooth than the original. After a couple of weeks, the permanent implant crown will be made to replace the temporary crown. The top is screw or concrete retained which is a preferable method because it is more sanitary.

Single tooth implants replace a single tooth without affecting the health of surrounding teeth. The other popular option requires that the teeth around the area be ground down. With a dental implant, the bone in your jaw is better preserved. Bridges, on the other hand, are known to deteriorate and the bone around the tooth breaks down. Implants can thoroughly integrate with the bone, which keeps it intact. 


Tooth implants can prevent the deterioration of the jaw which keeps the rest of your facial structure unharmed. The area of the face around where the tooth is missing can collapse if implants aren't put in. Wrinkles can form around the mouth and chin area then drift closer up the face. Implants hinder this and can even reverse the collapse and wrinkles if it has already happened. 

Easier Care

It is easier for many patients to care for an implant. You can clean implants like any other natural tooth, unlike tooth-supported bridges. They typically require an entire floss threader for thorough cleaning. In contrast, it is simpler to clean implants in the manner that you regularly clean your teeth. 

A dental implant offers many benefits over other tooth replacement options. Besides looking and working like a real tooth, a dental implant substitutes a single tooth without sacrificing adjacent teeth's stability. A single implant can be more attractive and can be easier to maintain cleanliness. You can work with your dental specialist to determine the best implant treatment strategy for you.


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A New Smile Was the Best Investment of My Life

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