A New Smile Was the Best Investment of My Life

A New Smile Was the Best Investment of My Life

Opening Everyday Objects With Your Teeth Can Lead To These Problems

Oscar Allen

When many people struggle to open something — whether it's the lid on a bottle of soda, the top of a nail polish bottle, or even the stubborn lid of a marker — they instinctively put the lid between their upper and lower jaw. Biting into the lid and pulling the item away from your mouth can often work well to open something you couldn't with your hands. This habit, however, is one that you should seek to break. There are many better ways to open everyday objects than using your teeth because relying on your teeth for this purpose can lead to several dental problems.

Breaks And Cracks

The most likely result of repeatedly opening everyday objects with your teeth is that you'll end up breaking or cracking one of your teeth. Your upper and lower front teeth, in particular, are more at risk of breaking because of their thin shape. While your molars are thicker and, thus, less susceptible to breaking, the pressure that you exert onto them can often lead to cracks. A cracked molar can be hugely problematic, and depending on the severity of the issue, it could eventually require a root canal and a crown.

Damage To Dental Work

If you've had any sort of dental work done, it can be at risk of damage if you repeatedly use your teeth to open everyday objects. One particular problem is engaging in this habit when you wear braces. The pressure from biting onto something hard has the potential to separate a bracket from your tooth or cause other damage to your braces. In the case of permanent dental work, such as dental veneers, it's also relatively easy for this work to get damaged from the intense pressure that occurs when you bite something hard.

Dental Sensitivities

Over time, this habit has the potential to make one or more of your teeth sensitive. The more that you press something hard against the surface of your teeth, the more that your enamel can get worn down. When you lose tooth enamel, even in a small area, the result can be sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity is an uncomfortable issue to deal with and can have serious ramifications on your enjoyment of consuming both hot and cold foods.

Ask a dentist at offices like Carpenter Dental if you have any concerns about the other ways that you can harm your teeth through this habit.


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A New Smile Was the Best Investment of My Life

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