A New Smile Was the Best Investment of My Life

A New Smile Was the Best Investment of My Life

4 Reasons to Choose Professional Whitening Over At-Home Methods

Oscar Allen

If you look in the mirror and are not happy with the color of the teeth in the image looking back at you, then it's time to take action. These days, there are plenty of tooth-whitening options, from at-home trays, to whitening toothpastes, to professional laser based-systems used in the dentist's office. While each approach has its place, in many cases, your best bet is to see a cosmetic dentist for in-office whitening. Here's why.

The results are more dramatic.

When you use over-the-counter whitening treatments, your teeth will only be whitened a shade or two. This is because the bleaching agents used in over-the-counter treatments are not very strong so that they won't cause serious injuries or reactions in those who use them. In-office whitening treatments will get your teeth many shades whiter, which is probably what you really want if you're unhappy with your smile! They're better at removing deeper, set-in stains like those from smoking, whereas at-home treatments really only remove yellowing from natural aging and tartar.

It's safer if you have ongoing dental issues.

If you have gum disease or untreated tooth decay, using at-home whitening treatments may make your teeth feel sensitive or weaken your enamel. When you opt for professional dental treatment, on the other hand, your dentist will carefully examine your teeth before administering the treatment. If you have any ongoing issues that would make you prone to side effects, your dentist can treat them beforehand, making it safer and more comfortable for you to undergo professional whitening.

It's quick.

Most at-home whitening treatments do not yield results very quickly. You have to wear strips for weeks to yield the best results. Whitening toothpaste needs to used daily. When you opt for in-office whitening, on the other hand, your dentist will perform the treatment in one appointment—or sometimes two. All you have to do is sit there for an hour or two, and let the dentist do the work. You'll go home with your ideal, white smile.

It's longer-lasting.

Since the results are more dramatic, it will also be longer—after professional whitening—before you feel the need to have your teeth whitened again. Most patients only need a touch-up every year or two. If you're careful to avoid staining foods and drinks and to avoid smoking, then you may be able to go a bit longer. The results of at-home whitening treatments, on the other hand, fade rather quickly since they are less dramatic.

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A New Smile Was the Best Investment of My Life

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