A New Smile Was the Best Investment of My Life

A New Smile Was the Best Investment of My Life

Dealing With Gapped & Discolored Teeth

Oscar Allen

Sometimes the best way to accomplish goals in life is to make a change that leads to you feeling confident about the way you look. One of the most common parts of the body that most people feel insecure about is their teeth, which can interfere with the desire to smile. If you don't like your teeth because they are spaced far apart and discolored, you can likely get the problem fixed. There are several things that can be done depending on the severity of your oral health in general. The information in this article will give you more insight about the things that a dentist can do to improve your teeth.

Treat Oral Health Conditions

When you seek help with improving the condition of your teeth, the dentist will first have to take a look at your overall oral health condition. He or she will basically look for problems that must be treated before major work is done to your teeth. For example, an x-ray might be needed if the dentist feels as though your jawbones are weak. The reason why is because weak jawbones can interfere with him or her being able to close the gaps between your teeth using certain methods. He or she will determine if you need bone grafting done, or if there are any other conditions that need to be treated.

Use a Laser to Remove Stains

When the dentist begins repairing the condition of your teeth, he or she will treat the stains. A method that is commonly used for bringing appeal back to stained teeth is performed by using a laser. Basically, the dentist will place a fluoride paste on your teeth to get rid of the stains. He or she will then shine a laser on the paste to activate the ingredients in order for them to begin whitening your teeth in a timely manner. You might actually need to undergo the whitening procedure a few times before the fullest extent of results are reached.

Provide Custom Invisalign Aligners

Closing the gaps between your teeth can be achieved using various methods, but the braces is one of the most affordable ways to get it done. You will also not have to undergo surgery by opting for braces. If you don't want metal on your teeth, a dentist can provide Invisalign aligners to get the job done. The aligners can give you the same results as braces, but you will simply wear clear aligners on your teeth. The aligners will be customized for your specific teeth, and they work by applying pressure and forcing your teeth to move closer together.


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A New Smile Was the Best Investment of My Life

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