A New Smile Was the Best Investment of My Life

A New Smile Was the Best Investment of My Life

Three Ways To Deal With Dental Anxiety

Oscar Allen

If you get woozy and weak-kneed at the idea of going to the dentist, you are certainly not alone. Dental fear and anxiety plague up to 20 percent of Americans, putting this at number ten in Live Science's top 10 phobias. Unfortunately, many people with this kind of fear avoid the dentist at all cost. It's important to understand that there are ways to deal with that fear and anxiety so that you can get the dental care that you need. Here are a few ideas to help you manage your phobia so that you can have your dental issues taken care of.

Talk It Out

One of the best ways to address any kind of fear is to talk about it. If you've been struggling with your fear of the dentist, you might be able to work through some of it just by talking it out. In fact, many people find it beneficial to schedule a consultation with the dentist they plan to use so that they can talk about their fears with the person they'll be trusting for their dental work.

Consider an appointment with your dentist to talk about any specific fears you might have. By explaining your concerns to the dentist, he or she may be able to help you not only work through them but also find options to work around them.

Understand The Process

If you struggle with fear of the unknown, ask the dentist to explain the entire procedure. By getting a full walkthrough of what's going to happen, you will know what to expect. This helps you to be better prepared for the whole situation, which might ease your anxiety.

While you're talking about the procedure itself, ask the dentist about some kind of signal you can use if you're struggling with the process. This signal could be used as an indication that you need him or her to give you a break. When you know that you have a way to intervene in the situation, it can ease some of the anxiety that develops due to a lack of control over the situation.

Consider Sedation

Sedation dentistry is a great way for people with a dental phobia to get the care that they need without the overwhelming anxiety. Depending on the severity of your fears and the extent of the treatment you need, your dentist may suggest things like nitrous oxide or anxiety medication. In cases of severe anxiety or extensive treatment, you may want to ask about general anesthesia.

These are three of the most common methods to help you deal with your dental anxieties. Talk with your dentist today about what might work best for you. Click here for more information.


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A New Smile Was the Best Investment of My Life

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