A New Smile Was the Best Investment of My Life

A New Smile Was the Best Investment of My Life

3 Teeth Whitening Questions Answered

Oscar Allen

Having stained teeth can be a source of embarrassment and low self-esteem for many people, but tooth whitening services are often poorly understood by many people. As a result, it can be difficult for some patients to decide whether or not this is a suitable solution to their needs. Fortunately, you can have more of the information you need by learning about the following answers to fairly common questions concerning tooth whitening.

Can The Procedure Be Completed In One Visit?

One of the great advantages of having a professionally administered tooth whitening service is that the results can often be achieved almost instantaneously for patients with mild staining. However, if you are unfortunate enough to suffer from severe stains, you might be required to undergo multiple treatment sessions to correct the issue. While it might seem inconvenient to have to undergo multiple treatment sessions, it can be the only way to fully restore your smile. Luckily, these sessions are often only a couple of hours long, which can greatly mitigate any invoice.

Can Teeth Whitening Be Done If You Have A Cavity?

While it is common for individuals to want to restore their smiles as quickly as possible, this may not be possible for patients that currently have cavities. When a tooth is suffering from decay, it can be possible for the whitening agents to get inside the pores of the tooth, which can cause intense discomfort for the patient. As a result, you will need to have any cavities filled before the whitening solution can be safely applied to the tooth.

Is Whitening Harmful For Your Teeth?

There is a common concern among some patients that having their teeth whitened will cause serious damage to their teeth. While it is possible for patients to misuse home whitening kits, it should be noted that this is not usually an issue you will need to worry about with a professional whitening. With home kits, it is common for patients to leave the whitening agent on their teeth for too long, which can weaken the enamel. With a professional whitening, a trained technician is monitoring your teeth while the whitening agent is on the teeth, and they will remove it before damage to the enamel can occur.

Having your teeth whitened can be an excellent option for those that want to make sure that want to restore the appearance of their smile. To this end, you should make sure that you understand the answers to these three commonly asked questions about this dental treatment. By being armed with this information, you will find making decisions as an informed patient is an easier task.


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A New Smile Was the Best Investment of My Life

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